December 1 - 3, 2009      * * *      Washington D.C.

2010 Symposium
Mark your calendars for next year's Symposium & Workshop scheduled for November 30-December 2, 2010 in Washington, D.C. The event will again be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.
The Call for Poster Abstracts will be available no later than May 14, 2010, with the due date for all poster abstracts no later than July 31, 2010.
Symposium Registration will be open by July 21. As information about this event becomes available, it will be posted on this site.

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~ December 2-4, 2008
~ December 4-6, 2007

If you have any questions about the Symposium, please e-mail or call the contact line at 703-736-4548.


Technical Session Presentations Now Available!

This year’s Symposium & Workshop will offer a comprehensive technical program featuring 11 technical sessions and five short courses. Technical sessions will highlight research and innovative technologies that assist the Department of Defense (DoD) in addressing increasingly complex environmental challenges.
The following list indicates when each technical session occurred and which short courses also took place at those same times. Abstracts for all sessions are available in this file: Technical Session AbstractsFor more information about each session, click the session number to view a brief description, the agenda, and the corresponding speaker presentations/abstracts.
Session 1A – Field Applications of Advanced Diagnostic Tools
Session 1B – Challenges Associated with Regional Predictions of Climate Change Impacts
Session 1C – Emerging Contaminants – From Assessment to Action
Short Course 1: Geophysical System Verification – Alternative to Geophysical Prove-Outs (GPO). More information
Session 2A – Amendments for Contaminated Sediments
Session 2B – Classification Methods for Military Munitions Response (Part I)
Session 2C – Environmentally Sustainable Energetics
Short Course 2: Long-Term Monitoring Optimization. More information
Session 3A – Risk-Based Contaminant Management on Active Training Ranges
Session 3B – Classification Methods for Military Munitions Response (Part II)
Session 3C – DoD Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Land Use and the Installation Carbon Footprint
Session 3D – Aircraft Emissions: Future Impacts and Alternative Fuels
Session 4A  – Ecology and Management of DoD Coastal and Estuarine Ecosystems
Short Course 3: Tools for Management of Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Sites. More information
Short Course 4: Visual Sample Plan – Unexploded Ordnance Module. More information
Short Course 3: Tools for Management of Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Sites (continued). More information
Short Course 4: Visual Sample Plan - Unexploded Ordnance Module (continued). More information
Short Course 5: Multi-Increment Sampling (MIS) Applications for Environmental Remediation. More information
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Partners In Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop